Erich Huckschlag (owner of Esheli) has spent years developing e-liquids for true connoisseurs. Brands like World Wonders and Centurion Vapes have been around since the beginning of South African e-liquid manufacturing and are still immensely popular today. Erich has a keen sense of taste and a great understanding for combining the correct concentrates in the right balance to get the exact flavour he is looking for.
Esheli now brings this ingenuity to you through its House Brands service. You can now enjoy the benefits of flavour development (done personally by Mr.Erich Huckschlag), packaging supply, label design and application, bottling and production services – everything you need to get your brand moving from a great idea to the final product.
With the House Brand service you get to choose how many aspects of the process you want to do yourself. If you already have recipes and designs ready, Esheli can produce, bottle and label for you. Or you can choose to deliver pre-labelled bottles to us for filling and capping. The choice is yours. We do however recommend that we handle as much as possible, especially from the point of production onward, so that it can be done in the lab and we can guarantee the quality of your product.
Contact us if you need more information on this great service.