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What are Nic Salts?

In natural tobacco leaves the nicotine is already in a salt form, but in regular e-liquid we use a purer form of stripped down nicotine (called freebase nicotine) which is less stable and more alkaline thus harsher at higher nicotine levels.

In the laboratory nicotine salts are formed by the combination of nicotine and other organic compounds, nicotine which is an alkaline is bonded with an acid (typically benzoic, citric, lactic, malic…) this produces a more stable form of nicotine that is similar to that which is found in the natural tobacco leaf.

Why use Nic Salts?

Because nicotine salts are more balanced than traditional e-Liquid nicotine, it allows for a more comfortable inhalation of higher nicotine levels. This enables you to get a stronger hit from a smaller device, at a lower wattage.

Using higher nicotine levels results in less e-liquid having to be consumed, which ultimately saves you money. With smaller devices delivering your nicotine requirements, you can also be more discreet with significantly less cloud production than normal e-cigarettes.

Iconic Slow Release Formulation

Our proprietary nicotine salt formulation releases into the bloodstream at a slower rate than most of the other nic-salts that are available, therefore reducing the “head-rush” that some nic-salts produce. This reduces your nicotine cravings and you don’t need to vape as often.

Our products are available in 10, 20 and 40mg nicotine strength with a PG 40 to VG 60 ratio and have been tested with great success in most of the popular pod type devices that are currently on the market.


The general consensus is that this class of e-liquid should preferably be used in smaller, low wattage and pod system devices.